Best Distraction Free Text Editors With Sync & Autosave Options For Chromebook

Just like WordPress distraction free writing mode which can be accessed by clicking ‘Distraction Free Writing’ button on the top right corner of visual editor, there are many other distraction free text editors you can use offline on your Chromebook, Chromium or Google Chrome browser. 

Earlier we have discussed about WordPress Markdown Editor that works offline on Google Chrome. It is a desktop app that lets you write and publish posts to any WordPress blog, you simply need to give your blog’s URL and login credentials.

Today, in this tutorial we are sharing some simpler apps which are not just limited to WordPress but you can write anything like your new posts and articles offline and then save them to WordPress, Google Drive, Evernote etc.

Writer – The Internet Typewriter

It is one of the fastest distraction free writing app with no fonts, no bold, no italics—just you and your words.

  • Fast and distraction-free
  • Saves your writing automatically
  • Works offline
  • Choose any foreground/background color
  • Custom fonts and line spacing
  • Keep an unlimited number of documents
  • Word count and writing goals
  • Export as PDF or text
  • No annoying banner ads
  • No account sign up required

It provides more features in its pro version like you can export to Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote; thesaurus; real-time word count; revision history; ZIP archive; premium support.

Writebox – Distraction-free text editor

An offline text editor for Dropbox and Google Drive. Allows you to write text on your Chrome browser and sync it with your Dropbox and Google Drive storage. Includes features like:

  • Work offline:
  • Auto saves your text locally, just like Google Documents
  • Simple writing environment
  • You can load from Dropbox/Google Drive
  • Syncs text to Dropbox/Google Drive
  • Syncs your editing text data to your Dropbox/Google Drive.
Write Space – Full-screen text-editor

Provides you a customizable full-screen text-editor which works offline. It has been designed to minimize all distractions that one notices while writing.

  • Persistent auto-save.
  • Works offline  and saves data locally
  • Provides you live document statistics.
  • Customizable: Allows you to change the font, background, width of the editor window and more.

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