Make Money With Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress is best for making and selling websites. It empowers people (including the non-technical ones, who don’t know anything about making a website) to make most types of websites such as informative business websites, blogs, and online stores for selling products or services. So anybody can make use of it to start up from home and help other businesses come online.

Managed WordPress is seamlessly connected to the latest version of WordPress, and all essential services you need such as hosting, security, and backups.

To make a new website, you simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress package, it can be

  1. WordPress Basic, Deluxe or Ultimate, depending upon your ambition and budget
  2. WordPress Ecommerce, if you want an easy way of selling your products or services online
  3. WordPress Developer or WordPress Pro, if you want to make and sell multiple WordPress sites from one interface

Once you are subscribed to Managed WordPress, simply visit your Account section, and click ‘Manage’ next to WordPress on your products page. This will take you to a step-by-step tour to finally showing you your WordPress admin panel from where you can add products or content to your website.

This is called your WordPress admin area dashboard. Here, you can add posts, pages, or products (if you are using WordPress Ecommerce) to your website, install an industry-specific theme, and control every aspect of your website.

With Managed WordPress you can build websites for yourself, your clients, no code required, simply by using the admin panel of WordPress and the online support, accessible from your account.

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