Things Will Get Back To The Normal But The New Normal Is Different

Post-crisis time is the beginning of a new era. Just as the end of world-war-2 had given birth to new norms and ideals, the coronavirus crisis is also putting an end to old ways of doing things. So in order to thrive survive in your business you must study the new demand of consumers, and new ways of doing business. The new consumer is online, the individuals find it safer to work from home so you must establish a new way of doing business and that is bringing your business online and operating it on the remote.

The new way is actually an old way of the internet age, invented years ago, the difference is that most businesses (online or offline) were still using the norms of the industrial age until the coronavirus crisis put an end to their way of doing business. Whereas the norms of internet age which were invented years ago, are already in use by many businesses of the internet and they are not only successful but are unaffected from this time of global crisis. For example – Automattic, the team behind WordPress is completely online, they all work from home and they are operating their business like this since it’s inception.

If you think you cannot work hundred percent remotely because of the nature of your business or whatever then you are still living in the industrial age, and you have very little time left to transition to a distributed online business environment in the wake of the evolving coronavirus crisis.

So simply register your domain name, subscribe to Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce as per your business requirement, and bring your business online. It is that simple, you can do it yourself, you can do it now, and you can do it for others as well to startup as people’s personal outlet and get into the business of helping others to come online.

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