Let Users Bump Their Favorite Posts To Top In WordPress

You can now allow your users to bump their favorite posts in your WordPress site. When enough bumps (made by registered users) are recorded, the post is automatically pushed to top. 

In this way, your website users can easily help you in making good and popular content more visible to other visitors on your website.


Start by installing and activating Bump This plugin in your WordPress site. After activation visit your admin area dashboard and click ‘Bump This’ from the left side navigation menu.

Now type in the maximum number of bumps needed to repost the post to the top of your homepage.

Bump This 2

That’s it. The plugin automatically adds a ‘Bump This’ button after posts in your website.

Bump This 1

It has one limitation; a user can bump any post again and again by coming back or reloading the post page. Hopefully the issue would be getting resolved in the future updates.

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