How To Allow Your WordPress Site Users To Add Posts As Their Favorites ?

There are many WordPress Like Box plugins and there are few good plugins we have talked about earlier like WP ThumbsGravatar Like and BuddyPress Like Dislike for BuddyPress users. We have also discussed about the P2 Likeplugin that P2 Theme Users can use.

Now this tutorial is about another kind of plugin that allows your WordPress users to mark some posts as theirfavorites. WP Favorite Posts is a free WordPress plugin that lets visitors to add posts as favorite. It uses cookies for saving data and that is why the unregistered users on your website can also favorite any blog post but you can set this option to registered users only.

How this plugin uses cookies and database for saving data favorite post data:

  • When a user is logged in then his favorites data would be getting saved in your site’s database instead of cookies.
  • And, If user is not logged in the his favorites data will get saved in cookies.

Installation & Usage:

  1. Install and activate WP Favorite Posts plugin
  2. Place <?php if (function_exists('wpfp_link')) { wpfp_link(); } ?> in your single.php or page.php file in your site’s theme directory.
  3. Now favorite this post link will appear in all blog posts.
  4. IN-CASE if you DO NOT want favorite post link to appear in every post/page the NO NEED to use above given code. Just type in [wpfp-link] into the selected blog post/page and it automatically embeds the print link into that particular post and page.
  5. Now create a page e.g. “Your Favorites” and insert {{wp-favorite-posts}} text into content section. This page contains users favorite blog post.
  6. The plugin also provides you a widgets for listing your website‘s most favorite blog posts.

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