Top 7 Web Translator Apps For Translating Selected Text On The Go

In this article we are sharing some of the best Google Chrome apps that can be used for translating individuals words, selected text, paragraphs or full webpage on the go. 

You should know, Google Translate lets you translate any text either by typing or pasting it in its translate box. You also can type in a website address and translate the whole web page or translate document files simply by uploading them from your local disk.

Google Translate

View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team.

Translate Selected Text

Translate selected text with Google Translator.


Translate word (or text selection) from any language to the language of your choice by pointing or clicking at it.

1 Click Translator

Highlight the text you want to translate, and a translation popup will appear automatically.

English dictionary translate pronunciation

Allows you to easily look up an unknown English word.


Right click to translate anything with Google Translate. It adds an Item to chrome’s context (right click) menu and when you selected a text, click on it to go to and view its translation. Provides you the option to set your default language.

Instant Translate

Provides qualitative translations quickly. Moreover, you’re able to browse through synonyms, play the text in order to hear the correct pronounciation, browse through the history of translations. Translation directly on a webpage is available. As well, you can set up a lot of combinations for different languages.

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