Improve Related Posts Section In WordPress For Better SEO And Time On Site

Related posts works great in engaging your website visitors. It is used for showing your visitors the other related content present on your website. This simply helps them to find more details on the topic they are reading.

There are many different types of related posts plugins.

Most of them are free and can be easily downloaded from WordPress plugin’s repository. All you need to do is type keyword ‘Related Posts’ on Plugins -> Add New page on your admin area dashboard.

We have checked various types of related posts plugins but we are not quiet happy with the relevancy of related content shown after a blog post.

Recently we have checked YARPP and it worked good in showing relevant posts but don’t you think, you can make related content more engaging by displaying it in a progression like structure.

For Example:

Suppose you are writing a blog post with title, ‘How to register a domain name?’

Now, most related posts plugin would show other related posts like:

  • How to transfer a domain?
  • How to redirect a domain?
  • How to make private domain registration?

It looks related but don’t you think, the person reading your post on ‘How to register a domain?’ would be more interested in knowing the next step which might be ‘How to add the registered domain to a hosting plan?’.

This means related posts in a sequence would be more interesting for your website visitors.

You can easily show related content in a progression like structure or whatever else you like:

WordPress Related Posts plugin provides you an easy way of showing related content with manual tweaks. The plugin includes caching and displays related content with thumbnails.

WordPress Related Posts 1

The best feature of the plugin is that you can edit related posts to be shown. Hence, you can decide which posts you want to show to your visitors.

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