How To Watch Your Security Cameras (Web Cams & CCTV) From Chromebook?

The tutorial is for people having their own webcam & CCTV security system based on for instance Motion or Zoneminder. You can now manage it from Chromebook or from traditional Chromium for Linux & Google Chrome web browsers. CCTV View is a Google Chrome extension which provides you a quick and easy way to watch your cameras, you can watch upto 20 webcams directly from your Chrome browser. It allows you to configure your security cameras or webcam image URLs. It can easily be accessed with one click on it’s icon present right next to Google Chrome’s address bar. Clicking the icon pops a window showing all configured cameras.

How To Set Up CCTV View In Google Chrome?

Install CCTV View in your Google Chrome browser. Upon installation, the extension starts showing its icon next to your address bar. Right click the icon and select ‘Options’. Specify CCTV homepage URL & text then click add image and target URLs.

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Zoneminder: After CCTV View extension is added in your browser, you will be needing to add URLs of your CCTV images. If you are using Zoneminder then as said by the developer, its just matter of opening the watch window, right-click the image and copy its URL.

Streaming jpeg images can also be used here;

  1. Browse to your zoneminder main screen
  2. Click on Montage link and view the source of that page.
  3. Find this line:
    <param name="url" value="http://server/cgi-bin/nph-zms?mode=jpeg&monitor=13&scale=100&maxfps=5&connkey=757705&rand=1315270186"/>
  4. And copy the URL into the Image URL on the CCTV View Settings page.

Motion:Developers have tested this successfully with Motion as well. Image URL field should have server name and webcam_port as defined in motion.conf or threadn.conf. LIKE: http://server:8081

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