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Too Late, Too Little But Laudable

Finally China has acknowledged its initial coverup at Wuhan and apologized to the family of Late Dr Li Wenliang but blamed this blunder upon two local policemen although official CCTV also broadcasted the police reprimand to Dr Li for rumourmongering in Wuhan, which was impossible without the Communist Party’s diktat into this.

Still this is laudable that the martyr of Wuhan whistleblowing is posthumously honoured after all the adversity.

Although simply taking his observation in official account then and there might have saved thousands of innocent lives in China and in the world because then the great Chinese endeavours would have contained the virus at Wuhan very timely without causing an epidemic in China and the global pandemic would not have happened as havoc upon humanity.

How To Watch Your Security Cameras (Web Cams & CCTV) From Chromebook?

The tutorial is for people having their own webcam & CCTV security system based on for instance Motion or Zoneminder. You can now manage it from Chromebook or from traditional Chromium for Linux & Google Chrome web browsers. CCTV View is a Google Chrome extension which provides you a quick and easy way to watch your cameras, you can watch upto 20 webcams directly from your Chrome browser. It allows you to configure your security cameras or webcam image URLs. It can easily be accessed with one click on it’s icon present right next to Google Chrome’s address bar. Clicking the icon pops a window showing all configured cameras.

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