Control All Your Web Privacy From One Dashboard In Chromebook

Privacy Palette lets you control your online privacy to secure your web browsing experience. It is a Google Chrome extension created for Chrome and Chromebook to regain control over your web browser. Using this extension you can clear your private data stored on your computer or browser in just a second. Don’t let online firms to easily access your personal and private browsing habits.

Install the Privacy Palette extension from Web Store. Upon installation visit Chrome’s App Home, Click Privacy Palette button and you will see the one and only dashboard for protecting yourself against all unwanted tracking, malware and advertisements etc. It also speeds-up your browsing experience.

Present time extension update provides you control over following stuff:

Chromebook Privacy Dashboard

  1. Block Ads: Ads can be very annoying. Get rid of ALL online ads! enable
  2. AdChoices: Opt-out from online behavioral advertising. manage
  3. Browsing History: Remove the list of all your previously accessed websites. clear
  4. Cache: If you visit a website, Chrome stores it in the cache in case you come back later. Clear your cache to remove traces of that website. clear
  5. Cookies: Cookies are used to record your visits to a website. Delete cookies stored in your browser so companies cannot recall your previous activity. clear
  6. Data Storage: Clear other data that has been stored on your computer. clear
  7. Downloads: After finishing a browsing session, your download history remains on your computer. Clear this list now. clear
  8. Facebook Account: Manage your Facebook account settings and change Facebook’s ad settings, privacy settings and security settings manage
  9. Google Account: Manage your Google account settings and change Google’s ad settings, security settings and your data on Google manage
  10. Secure Browsing: Enable HTTPS for every website to browse more securely. enable
  11. PlugIn Data: PlugIns that you have installed might save data on your harddrive without you knowing this. Clear this data now. clear
  12. Tracking: Change Chrome’s privacy settings and tell advertisers that you do not want to be tracked manage
  13. Twitter Account: Manage your Twitter account settings. manage

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