Top 5 Things You Will Not Find On Google Chromebook

Chromebook is the first fully cloud-based notebook running only Google Chrome and can be used only if you are connected to Internet. This post is about the things you will not find on Chromebook.

No Capslock Key

Chromebook’s keyboard is tailored for web surfing. There is no Caps Lock key in Chromebook. The space is used by a new web search key.

No delete key

Another key not present on Chromebook’s keyword is delete key. Now you can only use backspace key and mouse select option for deleting text characters while typing anything. Also, you can right click on something then select delete from the dropdown menu.

chromebook 1

No Function Keys

There are no function keys present on Chromebook’s keyboard. There are replaced with a new set of specific buttons for Chrome, specially designed for web browsing. Set of new buttons include back, forward, refresh, full screen, browser tab switching, brightness, volume and the on/off switch.

No Old Style Printer Connection

Most Chromebooks provides USB ports but you cannot cannot any printer through them, it won’t recognise any printers directly. It doesn’t mean you cannot print anything with Chromebook. Yes, it is possible to print from a Chromebook. Only way to print is to use one web-enabled printers in conjunction with Google’s own Cloud Print Service as Chrome OS uses Google Cloud Print for all kind of printing.

cloud print

No Software Excluding Chrome Apps

You cannot install any Linux or Windows software on Chrome OS. Unlike to popular Linux distros where you can run other OS applications by using wine etc, on Chromebook you can only use Chrome Apps and the apps, extensions & themes present in Google Web Store.

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