How To Use WordPress Support Forums To Get Your Problem Resolved?

Just like our domain & hosting support forums, WordPress forums also got a wide range of resources to help you get the most out of it. There are various ways of finding a solution for the problem you are facing with WordPress usage. You can head over to official documentation, you can search for a solution at, you can download our WordPress PDF Guide. If your question is regarding our WordPress post, plugin review or tutorial then use the comment form.

In this tutorial we will be explaining you how to use WordPress support forums and get your problem resolved. WordPress forums is a place where you can find information on everything about WordPress from installing WordPress for the first time to designing your own themes and writing plugins & hacks.

To start using WordPress support forums first register your free account at If you already got a account then login and visit WordPress Support Page.

The right section of the page provides you forum topics like WordPress Installation, How To, Troubleshooting, Themes & Templates, Plugins & Hacks, Miscellaneous and a few more. Simply choose and click a forum subject.

For example:

Suppose you have a ‘how-to‘ question then click ‘How-To and Troubleshooting‘ followed by ‘Add New‘ link.

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Clicking ‘Add New‘ button allows you to post a question (Topic Title) and describe it. Make sure the option ‘Notify me of follow-up posts via email’ is checked so that you can receive notifications for follow up replies.

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In the same way if you have a problem with some specific WordPress plugin then you can go for support directly from that plugin’s page. Visit the plugin’s page at, click ‘Support‘ link, scroll to the bottom and post your topic. The process is same for WordPress themes too.

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