How To Set Up Forums In BuddyPress?

BuddyPress Forums are retired by its core team developers but that doesn’t mean you cannot use it. You can easily enable the group forums or the sitewide forums in your BuddyPress powered WordPress site. In this tutorial we will show you step by step instructions for enabling forums in BudyPress.

How To Install & Setup BuddyPress Forums?

First, login to your BuddyPress site, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> BuddyPress page

From components tab, click ‘Retired’ sub-menu.

How To Set Up Forums In BuddyPresss? 1

Tick group forums and save your settings. You will be redirected to main components tab. Make sure ‘Group Forums (Legacy)’ option is checked.

Create a new page with name ‘Forums’ (or whatever) and again navigate back to Settings -> BuddyPress page, click ‘Pages’ tab.

From ‘Discussion Forums’ dropdown select ‘Forums’ page and save the changes.

How To Set Up Forums In BuddyPresss? 2

Once again visit Settings -> BuddyPress page and click ‘Forums’ tab.

Now you have two options:

How To Set Up Forums In BuddyPresss? 3

(1) You may either go for BuddyPress Group Forums


  • Group Integration
  • Member Profile Integration
  • Activity Stream Integration
  • @ Mention Integration

(2) OR for BuddyPress Site Wide Forums


  • Non-group specific forum creation
  • Moderation via the WP admin dashboard
  • Topic splitting
  • Revisions
  • Spam management
  • Subscriptions and more!

Simply click the install button and complete the installation. Also see BuddyPress Forums Codex.

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