How To Display Flickr Albums As Galleries In WordPress?

Flickr Album Gallery is the new WordPress plugin which enables you to display your individual Flickr albums as beautiful photo galleries in WordPress.

Flickr Album Gallery 3

With this plugin you can display your individual photo sets on Flickr as titled image gallery inside posts, pages, custom post types and other shortcode supported areas.

When an image title is clicked it opens it up on a lightbox overlay showing left and right arrow slider and navigation buttons.

Flickr Album Gallery 1


  • The plugin has a responsive layout
  • Touch Image Slider and Lightbox Image Slider Preview
  • User friendly admin gallery dashboard
  • Compatible -with all modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and devices like iPhone, iPad, Tablets, PC
  • You can add unlimited images into your gallery

How To Use Flickr Album Gallery?

Install and activate Flickr Album Gallery plugin. After activation the plugin adds a new post type with title ‘Flickr Album Gallery’ in your admin side menu.

For adding a new gallery visit Flickr Album Gallery -> Add New page.

Flickr Album Gallery

Give your gallery a title and enter you Flick Account’s API & Album ID (In case you don’t know then use the links given there to find out your Account & Album ID). Also you may hide your gallery title by ticking ‘Show Gallery Title’ to NO.

Finally, publish your gallery and then copy its shortcode from the metabox on the right side (just below the ‘Publish’ button). Shortcode can be used inside a Post/Page/Post Type and other shortcode supported areas of WordPress.

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