How To Turn Phone Numbers To Clickable Links On Smartphones?

Like hyperlinks to other websites, you can use a different link code on your websites to make any phone number a clickable link which when clicked from smartphone automatically makes the call to the number. A clickable phone number link may open a dialog box on mobile phones prompting the screen to make call or save the number to the address book.

Making Phone Numbers Clickable On Your Website

The syntax is easy, all you have to do is start with traditional link code but use tel:number (instead of URL) in double quotes to turn any phone number to a clickable link.

For instance – The following example can be used to make a clickable phone number link. You can simply copy the code below and paste it into your webpage, replacing the given phone number to yours. This code may not work on all smartphones but it does work for most such as iPhones, Android and Blackberry etc.

<a href=”tel:+0000000000“>0000000000</a>

You can also add the ISD code of your country such as +1 or +91 etc. Dashes can also be used in the phone number, it works they way it should with or without the dashes, as shown below in the given example:

<a href=”tel:18000000000″>1-800-000-000</a>

You can also use any other text in place of phone number as long as the phone number link is correctly syntaxed with the link code “tel:18000000000”, see the following example:

<a href=”tel:18000000000″>Call Support at 1-800-000-0000</a>

In non-phone browsers such as Linux, Mac, Windows or any other laptop operating system, this link may open some application such as Skype, or it may ask you for the application to use in calling the number, or may give some error message on desktop computer, or nothing will happen. It entirely depends on what OS and device the user is using to access your website. On most smartphones, the link works the way it should.

For WordPress Users

WordPress users can use this code in text widgets, posts, pages and other custom post types by first swicthing the post content box to TEXT mode, then pasting the code in there. The code can also be used on PHP theme files such as footer.php etc as long as it is syntaxed properly on right template of your website.

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