How To Start Your Own Invoice & Billing Application At

An invoice is a bill of the products and services with their costs which you give to your customers, it is often used to ask clients for payment.

This post shares an easy way of using an invoicing software on your domain or subdirectory for generating any number of invoices online with automatic calculations from anywhere.

  • It is absolutely free, no monthly subscription, all you need to have is a cPanel hosting at
  • It is a browser-based application you can use from anywhere
  • It is a free software, developed by the community and it’s yours
  • Easily track your finances, send invoices as PDF’s and hundreds of other great features

It is a billing i.e. invoicing application that focuses on simplicity while still providing advanced features at no extra cost.

How to install simple invoicing on your domain?

Login to your account. On your web hosting’s cPanel, simply launch Installatron, the one-click application installer. Then, switch to Application Browser tab, scroll down to Applications for eCommerce and Business and click Simple Invoices.

This will take you to a form, fill in the important fields such as the domain and directory where you want to install this application, the username, and password you like to use for future logins etc. Then simply click the INSTALL button and wait.

Once installed successfully, it will give you the main and admin page URL from where you can start creating invoices for your clients.

Additionally, you can also install a CRM software to secure invoicing files and keep a record of your business tasks, sales, and other activities.

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