Deploying Java Applications Via Command Line Interface At

There are two interfaces of deploying Java Applications – The file manager interface and the command line interface. hosting and servers provide you cPanel management from where you can deploy your Java applications.

As we have discussed before, many Java applications ship in WAR packages which means Web Application Archive, which can be installed on your server.

To deploy a Java WAR package via the command line, first upload your Java WAR package to your public_html directory.

Then, run the unzip filename.war command to extract the package, where filename.war represents the name of your Java WAR package file.

Open the .htaccess file with a text editor and add the following text:

SetHandler jakarta-servlet


Now save your changes and access your Java application using this URL pattern –


  1. represents your domain name.
  2. Subdirectory represents the Java application’s directory.
  3. Yourjavaapplet represents the Java application’s name.

That’s it. Your Java applications are ready to use.

If you cannot access your server via SSH, you must use cPanel’s File Manager interface on your cPanel -> Home -> Files -> File Manager, read more about this method here.

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