How To Start A PHP-Nuke News System Website?

PHP-Nuke is a beautiful content management and portal application that is a free software, works online on servers and hosting. PHP-Nuke was forked from Thatware in 2000. It is an automated news system specially designed to be used in Intranets and the Internet.

Site admins has total control on his website, registered users, and he will have in the hand a powerful assembly of tools to maintain an active and 100% interactive website using databases.

How To Install PHP-Nuke?

If you are a new user then you should know that it provides you free domains with website hosting plans. Read tutorial on how to register a free domain name?

So first thing you need to do is get a website hosting plan, a free domain name then login to your account and launch Installatron, one click website installer.

cPanel X

Select Application Browser tab:

Installatron Applications Browser

Scroll down to ‘Apps for Content Management’ section and click ‘PHP-Nuke’.

Clicking ‘PHP-Nuke’ opens up it installation page showing you details and features of a PHP-Nuke based website. From here you can take application demo, check other websites using the same application etc.

To start PHP-Nuke installation process, click ‘+install this application‘ button.


This asks you to select a domain/subdomain/directory for installing your new PHP-Nuke  website. If you are already running a website on your main domain then you can either go for a subdomain or use a subdirectry for installation.

Scroll down to ‘Settings’ section and type in your new website a username, password, admin email and then click ‘Install’ button.

It takes a few seconds and then provides you your new website address & admin section URL from where you can login and start managing your PHP-Nuke website.

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