WebCards – Start An E-Cards Designer Website From cPanel At SANGKRIT.net

WebCards is an advanced, feature-packed e-card system you can install on your domain to start an e-card website and keep your visitors engaged. Read what other WebCards users say about this app.

In this lesson you will learn how to easily install this application on your domain at SANGKRIT.net. Here is full WebCards Feature Tour you may take to know about its key features.

To start an e-card website, all you need is a website hosting plan and a domain name. Read our lesson on registering a free domain name with any website hosting plan at SANGKRIT.net.

(New users can register a free SANGKRIT.net account here and then subscribe to a hosting plan here.)

First thing you need to do is login to you SANGKRIT.net account, and launch your hosting cPanel. From the cPanel home screen, scroll down to ‘Software/Services’ section and click ‘Installatron’.

How To Start A Mediawiki Website From cPanel? 1

Click ‘Application Browser‘ tab.

How To Start A Mediawiki Website From cPanel? 2

From the list of Miscellaneous apps click ‘WebCards’.

Apps for Miscellaneous

It directs you to a page showing information about WebCards app and ‘+ install this application‘ button. Click the button to install this app.


You will be asked to select a domain or subdomain or sub-directory for installing WebCards app. Also, don’t forget to enter a custom username and password so that you can manually login to your website.

In-case if you don’t choose a custom username and password, then admin access can only be made from this apps page on your SANGKRIT.net’s hosting cPanel.

It takes a few seconds and then displays you website’s home and admin area links.

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