How To Show Before & After Photo Differences In WordPress?

The feature is increasingly popular in weight loss websites. In this tutorial we will show you how you can show off image differences by automatically keeping two images side by side inside your content. The feature is very easy to use and you can enable it in seconds and start using it inside your posts, pages and other manually generated post types etc.

Step-1 First install and activate TwentyTwenty, a free WordPress plugin which brings the power of Zurb TwentyTwenty to your WordPress site.

Step-2 Now second step is to open a post (or any post type) then paste these [twentytwenty] & [/twentytwenty]

Step-3 Now insert two images in between these shortcodes and it will automatically showcase the two images side by side inside a box. The plugin is very easy to use, all you need to so is insert two images between two shortcodes [twentytwenty] & [/twentytwenty] but still if you need any further help then watch out its screencasting video to see it in action and learn more about its usage.

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