Create New Faces Using Swap & Morph Feature On Android

Face Switcher For AndroidFace Switch is a fun app designed for switching two faces in order to create new ones. The app is really entertaining and gives you a great bit of fun but the fun only comes if you spend some time playing on the app. It is not very easy but if you start evolving the app it will certainly lets you crate some exciting stuff. What actually this app lets you do is swap and morph between any two faces instantly in seconds.

With Face Switch you can see what you and your child might look like, you can check out yourself with a new haircut or whatever. You can use it for some entertainment whenever you’re tired, you can mash together random faces and get some hilariously entertaining results.

  • Touch based swipe controls.
  • Provides automatic in-photo face detection technology.
  • You can import multiple images from your Android device’s camera or picture gallery.
  • Easy switch functionality and its soft change ‘brush’ stroke technology gives you realistic results.
  • Easy photo tools like flexible photo sharing functionality, Skin color matching functionality, Image adjustment: brightness, contrast, saturation etc, Fantastic photo filters, Free stickers

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