How To Create Custom Single Post Templates In WordPress?

Single Post Template plugin lets you enables your theme to include “Post Templates” in much the same way you can add “Page Templates”, the plugin provides you a dropdown which enables you to choose which post template you like using on a per-post basis. Yes, by using this cool plugin you can create one or more “Post Templates” in your theme’s folder, and when creating or editing a post, choose the post template that you would like to use. If no post template is selected, the default template will be used.

Install and activate Single Post Template plugin. Upon activation you will be needing to create a file. Suppose you have created singleposttemplate.php. Simply copy your normal single.php info and then edit out the things as per your requirement or if you’re good then you can create a whole new design. Whatsoever you do, just remember to add following given code at the top of your new file:

Single Post Template: [Descriptive Template Name]
Description: This part is optional, but helpful for describing the Post Template

Now after creating  custom template file(s) for single posts jusr save it with your other theme files present in your activate theme’s directory.

Now visit your WordPress admin area dashboard and start writing a new post, you will notice a drop down box is added which provides the option for choosing the custom templates which you have created and uploaded to your theme’s directory.

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