How To Merge Categories In WordPress?

Many times bloggers need to create a new type of category tree and then you require merging two or more categories together. Sometimes after importing posts from some other website you like keeping posts to some other newly created categories. There are various free plugins for editing and merging categories like ‘Term Management Tools’ etc. But you might get surprised to know that you can do bulk category editing can be done with default WordPress category management features.

Step-1 Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Posts -> All Posts page.

Step-2 Filter posts to display only the category you like editing out then select all.

  • Tip: In case you have hundreds of posts that you like merging then first click ‘Screen Options’ present on the right top side of your page and then change the number of posts you can view at once on one page.

Step-3 Now with all selected i.e. checked posts, choose “Edit” and click “Apply”.

Step-4 You will now get directed to a bulk edit screen where you can choose a new category that you like to apply to your blog posts. It also provides you some more specific options like maybe if you like leaving some posts out or if you like only re-categorizing a few and adding others posts to a different category.

Step-5 Finally, after assigning a new category to all posts, you can step towards eliminating the old so visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories page. Now hover over that category and click the red color delete link.

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