Schedule Gmail Messages To Be Sent Or Returned

Just like WordPress posts, now you can schedule Gmail messages to be sent at a later date. Boomerang for Gmail is a Google Chrome app that lets you do this easily from your email account.

The extension can be used for scheduling birthday wishes, project management, remembering to pay bills, communicating with your friends in different time zones etc. 

You can schedule email messages to be sent and get notifications for the replies made on those messages. The extension provides you various other options like message tracking and scheduling of email reminders etc.

Start by adding Boomerang for Gmail in your Google Chrome browser.

As soon the extension is added, you will be noticing a ‘Send Later’ button on the top of your email compose box.

It shows you various options for scheduling your message like you can send it in next 1 hour, 2 hour, next 2 days, 4 days… 2 weeks, 1 month etc or you can define a specific date and time for sending an email.

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