Enable Link Previews On Reddit And Hacker News

Reddit and Hacker News are most simple but popular news websites managed by Internet users. Any one can submit links and news there which are then displayed in a very simple layout.

In this article we will show you how Reddit and Hacker News users can spice up things on their Google Chrome or Chromium browsers.

FastBrowz is a simple yet awesome plugin that activates link previews on these websites.

Having this extension installed in your Google Chrome browser, you can hover over any link on Reddit or Hacker News pages and it will show you an inline preview of target webpage.

The preview contains complete webpage and hence there is no need of opening that link in a new tab, you can read it on preview window itself.

FastBrowz 1

Another good thing about this plugin is it also works on comments. Hovering any comment link will show you the preview window displaying top rated comments for that thread.

FastBrowz 2

The only limitation we came to about this app is that it doesn’t works for services like on Github links as they have frame breaking code and disallows other services to embed their content inside iFrames etc.

FastBrowz 3

Earlier we have also discussed about enabling the same preview feature on all other kinds websites. Yes, you can make link preview function work on search engine results, social networks, blogs and all other kinds of website including Reddit & Hacker News with this extension.

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