How To Send Up-to 2GB Large Files Over Email?

Now you can transfer large file, up-to 2GB large files over email completely free of cost. Filemail allows you to easily transfer files up to 2GB in one day and that’s enough for its free plan. In-case you need increasing it then you may also upgrade to its premium plans. is an online service that provides easy transfer of large files in a fast and secure way. The best thing about this service is, there’s no need to register any account or login via some other service.


  1. No registration required
  2. High upper limit on file size – 2GB
  3. As easy as any normal e-mail client
  4. Possibility to select multiple files with one click

Start by visiting and then follow the given steps:

Email Large Files

  1. Type the email address recipients separated by a semicolon in ‘To’ text box field
  2. Type your Email Address in ‘From’ text box.
  3. Write a small message in the message box (Optional).
  4. Click browse button to select files from your local drive.
  5. Click Send Button

How it works? Files you want to send are uploaded to one of several servers located in Asia, USA and Europe and then a small e-mail is delivered to the recipients containing your message and a hyperlink to download files.

Recipients simply clicks the hyperlink targeting your files download page. After specified number of days and number of downloads, your files are automatically removed from their servers.

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