How To Protect Media Uploads In WordPress?

Protecting media uploads and other files becomes important when you start selling digital content on your WordPress Ecommerce website. All media files on your WordPress site including the e-commerce uploads are located in uploads directory present inside wp-content directory which is located in your website’s root directory i.e. the main directory of your WordPress site installation.

You can protect this directory by installing-activating a plugin called Protect Uploads. Once the plugin is activated, simply navigate to your dashboard’s Media -> Protect Uploads page to see if the plugin is protecting your directory.

How It Works?

Anybody who wants to access your media files could list it by going to your-domain/wp-content/uploads from his web-browser. This plugin will hide the content by adding an index.php file on the root of your uploads directory or by setting a .htaccess which will return a 403 forbidden access error.

Depending on your server configuration, the .htaccess option could be disabled from the plugin settings page.

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