Selling Digital Products Online To All Countries

WordPress Ecommerce allows anyone to sell anything online from anywhere. It allows you to sell both physical and digital products such as books, videos, audios, software ZIPs, documents, or anything else. For selling anything digital or virtual, there are some common settings that need to be set beforehand.

These settings include protecting your uploads directory, disabling the shipping method, enabling WordPress Ecommerce to sell to all countries, configuring download settings, and enabling a global payment and checkout method.

Protecting File Uploads

If you are selling digital goods then you must protect the uploads directory to stop accidental theft of your digital files. WordPress Ecommerce already provides you .htaccess file to protect your wp-content/uploads/woocommerce_uploads. Additionally, you can make use of a plugin to protect your WordPress Uploads Directory.

Disable The Shipping Option

Since you are selling digital goods and files so you no more need a shipping option on your website.

Navigate to the Shipping tab on WooCommerce -> Settings page and make sure that the ‘Enable Shipping’ option is unchecked.

Enable Selling To All Countries

Shipping is no more a task for you so navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings page and select option to sell your products to all countries. Next, select your currency for what you want to be selling in.

Select File Download Method

On WooCommerce -> Settings page, open Products tab and click Downloadable Products to select the File Download Method and Force Downloads. You may also set Access Restrictions based on your preferences such as enabling access to downloadable products after payment or require customers to log in for accessing downloads.

Checkout & Payment

Click Checkout tab and select a payment option, you can enable PayPal and then add your PayPal email to start accepting digital payments or you may use some other payment options as per your requirement. For any other digital payment option, you will need to subscribe to that payment gateway service and then install its plugin to set it up on your WordPress Ecommerce website.

If you don’t know much about third-party payment gateway services then you may either research it on Google or explore new digital payment plugins from Plugins -> Add New section accessible from your website’s admin panel.

One thing you need to make sure while using any digital payment method is that it should work globally for all countries or else you can add multiple payment gateways both local and global to cover all parts of the world. WordPress Ecommerce already includes PayPal Payment Gateway and you can simply use that as it works in most of the countries.

Start Selling Products Globally

Now you may add your digital products for online selling. Navigate to Products -> Add New page, Enter title, descriptions, select featured image, etc then scroll down to Product Data meta box and tick ‘Virtual’ & ‘Downloadable’ options, SKU is no more an issue but make sure to enter the price of the product and the upload the files you want to sell, the file upload option is present just below the price field on ‘Product Data’ meta box.

Finally, click the ‘Publish’ button to publish your digital product for online selling on your website.

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