How To Expand And Identify Short URLs Before Clicking Them?

Short URLs are everywhere on Internet. You see them on social media sites, on blogs, comments, emails etc. There are many URL shortner web services and now-a-days many website owners use their own domain name for generating short URLs like Facebook uses and Twitter uses & are popular URL shortening services which anyone can use for free.

Short URLs are good for many sharing purposes but the problem comes when you don’t know who has shared that URL and where it is going to take you.

Because short URLs offer no hints on where they are pointing to. A shorted URL gives you no clues on whether it is pointing to a legitimate website or to some malicious content.

Here comes the use of a URL expander tool. URL Expander, a free Google Chrome app lets you auto expand all short URLs you see on Internet. This way you can easily get to know the destination website, where the URL is pointing to.

How To Use URL Expander?

Short URL Expander 1

Add URL Expander extension in your Google Chrome/Chromium browser. After the extension is installed, it will automatically be replacing the anchor text of all short URLs with real web addresses.

Short URL Expander 2

Also you can hover any short URL to see the real expanded address in your Chrome’s status bar.

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