How To Manually Create Your Own Hotkeys Keys For Your WordPress Site?

[note]NOTE: Currently this plugin is not working with WordPress 3.8.1. So wait for its next update.[/note]

Before there were plugins and themes that provides you various sets of hotkeys for making things easy. There are some hotkeys that WordPress provides you by default but now this tutorial explains you how you can yourself create hot keys and make your website management easy without coding any plugin or adding any PHP hack. Now you can manually assign hot keys right from your admin area dashboard.

WP Hotkeys is the new awesome WordPress plugin that provides time-saving keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly navigate the WordPress admin section and the best thing is that its keyboard shortcuts are fully customizable.

How To Use WP Hotkeys?

Simply install and activate WP Hotkeys and it will display the default hotkey hints showing up in brackets next to each standard admin menu item present in dashboard.

You can easily customize everything from Dashboard -> Settings > WP Hotkeys page:

Typing a hotkey will access the associated top-level admin menu item (e.g. Pages), and will display any submenu items and activate their associated hotkeys (e.g. All Pages, Add New). At any point you can use the arrow keys to navigate between menu items (left/right will enter/exit submenus), and the enter key to navigate to the active (underlined) menu item.


  • Works right out of the box with built-in default hotkeys for each standard dashboard menu item.
  • Hotkey hints next to each menu item help you remember your shortcuts (can be toggled on/off).
  • Fully customizable – define your own hotkeys.
  • Lightweight – less than 4kb minified jQuery.
  • Built-in warning to let you know if you have duplicate hotkeys.

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