How To Invite All Your Friends To Like Any Facebook Page In Just One Click?

By default Facebook only allows you to select friends one by one while inviting them to like any Facebook page. This is very irritating, specially when you have thousands of friends and you want to invite them all to your new Facebook page. Here’s the solution you were waiting for. If you are a Google Chrome user you can use Facebook Invite All, a free awesome Chrome app that provides you a simple tick button on address bar which when clicked sends invitation of current page to all your FB friends.

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How To Use Facebook Invite All App ?

Facebook Invite All, a free app for automatically inviting all your Facebook friends to events or pages with just one click. Just install this app in your Google Chrome browser and follow the steps:

  1. Visit the page, event etc where you like to invite all your friends.
  2. Click invite friends link and when ‘Invite Your Friends’ popup box appears, click the small tick icon that is showing up on the right side or your address bar (just before that small bookmark star).

Features :

  • Support auto scrolling
  • Supports up to 5000 friend
  • Work with Facebook pages & events

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