How To Import Users From CSV To Your WordPress Site ?

Long time ago we discussed about the plugins that allows you to export users to CSV file like Users to CSVExport Users to CSV for WordPress and BP Export Users for BuddyPress. Now this tutorial explains you how you can easily import users from CSV file to your WordPress website.

You will need to install and activate WordPress plugin called Import Users from CSV. It simply allows you to import users from your CSV file. The plugin is powerful enough to add users with basic information, meta fields and user role. Also you have option to select for sending a notification to the new users and display password nag on user login.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Import Users from CSV. After activation visit Dashboard -> Users -> Import From CSV. Select and upload your CSV file and check Send notification, Show password nag on new users signon options if needed.

Following are the main features of this plugin:

  • Imports all users fields
  • Imports user meta
  • Update existing users by specifying ID field
  • Allows setting user role
  • Sends new user notification (if the option is selected)
  • Shows password nag on user login (if the option is selected)

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