How To Enable Live Preview For Links In WordPress?

Just like Facebook and Google+, you can enable live preview feature for links in WordPress. WP Live Preview Links is the new WordPress plugin that enables a live scaled preview of website you are linking to prior to clicking on it. The preview goes of as soon the user stop hovering the link. See it live working here.

To enable live preview for links, install and activate WP Live Preview Links plugin in your WordPress installation. Upon activation it automatically starts working. For selecting your custom parameters visit your admin area Dashboard -> Live Preview Links and here you can set following options:

  1. You can enable preview for internal, external or for all kinds of links. You can set what links will trigger the live preview.
  2. You can set live preview dialog box size in width and height.
  3. You can set the site viewport size of the site you are previewing
  4. Other options include scaling, offset in px and position (left, right or auto)

That’s all, move to the frontend of your website, hover to a link and see how it looks like.

Certain external sites may have set their X-FRAME-OPTIONS header policy to SAMEORGIN or DENY. This is specifically to prevent other sites from iframing their site for obvious reasons. If that is the case, this plugin will not work, and it’s best to respect the site owner’s wishes.

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