How To Customize Fonts Of Any WordPress Theme?

Now you can very easily customize the fonts of your WordPress site right from your theme customizer screen. You can play with beautiful Google and web safe fonts live on your website. Font Customizer is the new WordPress plugin with which your can make beautiful Google font combinations and then apply them on your content like headings, links, blockquotes and other parts of your theme. This is not just limited to font family but you can apply custom font colors and use awesome CSS3 effects too.

Font Customizer lets your customize the fonts of any WordPress theme very easily, you can see changes live and select from 650+ Google/ web safe fonts with 40+ CSS3 effects. It works directly from your theme customizer (Appearance -> Customize) and hence you can live preview each and every change from the WordPress customizer before publishing your changes. Let us see how?

Font Customizer 1

To start using it in your WordPress site, first install and activate Font Customizer plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Customize screen and click ‘Font Customizer’ dropdown tab on the left.

Font Customizer 2

This dropdown customization links for Body, Links, Headings, Paragraphs and Blockquotes. Now suppose you want to customize the font of your website headings like post headings, widget headings etc, simply select the heading menu and you will be able to change the font family, customize its color, size and apply other CSS styles visually.

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