How To Insert BuddyPress Specific Data Inside Posts, Widgets And Themes ?

Inserting BuddyPress specific data in posts, pages, widgets etc means you can display specific BuddyPress stuff wherever you like in your website simply by using shortcodes.

Bowe Codes plugin allows BuddyPress users to insert BuddyPress specific data wherever they like, following image shows some of plugin’s shortcodes and their results:

BP Shortcodes

  1. You can display a specific groups
  2. You can display a specific member
  3. You can display a list of members
  4. You can display a certain amount of groups
  5. You can display friends of the displayed or logged in user
  6. You can display groups of the displayed or logged in user
  7. You can display certain Blogs from your MultSite network
  8. You can display specific posts from your MultiSite Network
  9. You can show messages and the notifications of a logged in user
Button to add and configure shortcode.

Given screenshot shows Button for adding and configuring shortcode. Learn about its installation and shortcode usage here.

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