How To Increase Google Crawl Rate In Your WebBlog ?

Crawl rate is the frequency of GoogleBot website visits, you can increase Google Crawl Rate by keeping following points in mind.

  1. Add a sitemap
  2. Don’t add duplicate content
  3. At least write one post daily
  4. Interlinking of Pages is good
  5. Optimize Images on your Blog
  6. Optimize your blog loading time
  7. Search engines likes fresh content
  8. Share your posts on social networks
  9. Backlinks plays a very important role
  10. Check your site’s internal link structure
  11. Keep Updating your blog on a regular basis
  12. Create unique headings (title) and meta tags
  13. You may use All In One SEO WordPress plugin
  14. Access crawl stats via Google Webmaster tools
  15. Adjust the crawl speed using Google Webmaster tools
  16. Host your blog on a reliable server having good uptime
  17. Your server should returns the correct header response
  18. Remember, the more important Google sees your website, the better crawling it does.

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