Google Search Allows You To Increase The Number Of Results Per Page

You can easily change the per page results in Google search according to your needs. Although the results Google offer per page by default is perfect but sometimes in special conditions you might like doing so may be if your internet connectivity is low at your place and clicking next page in search results is irritating you or if you spend more time in searching content on Internet and you want to see more results per page etc etc.

Follow the given steps: 

Step-1 Visit Google. Com and search something. On the search results page click the Settings icon on the top right corner and select Search Settings, as shown in the following image:

Google Search Results Per Page Options

Step-2 Now scroll down to the section ‘Google Instant predictions’ and move the radio button to the option ‘Never show instant results’ and then from  ‘Results per page’ section set the number of results you want to see in each page:

Google Search Results Per Page Options

Finally, click the ‘Save’ button. That’s all. Now Google Search will be showing you more results per page.

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