Flogger: WordPress Taxonomy For Tagging Your Exercises Within Your Blog Posts

Flogger is the new interesting WordPress plugin that simply allows you to tag your posts with exercises you did that day including all how much time you spend and how many steps & reps, etc you made. The plugin adds a new taxonomy for your posts and you can manage it like tags but it is little bit different than default WordPress tags.

How To Use Flogger For Showing Exercises You Done That Day?

First install and activate Flogger then follow the given steps:

  • Step-1 Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Posts -> Exercises page
  • Step-2 Here you can create exercises, its like creating categories, tags and other taxonomies. You can create exercises, define their slugs and units like e.g. steps, minutes.
  • Step-3 Now you may use them from your Add New/Edit post page by using the newly added ‘Exercise‘ metabox.
  • Step-4 As soon you save or publish the post, another metabox ‘Fitness Log‘ would become activate and then you may define the units (like steps & minutes etc) for showing how much time you spend in doing any exercise.

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