Easily Create Fonts Using Your Own Handwriting In Android

InstaFontMaker is an add free Android app that lets you create fonts in truetype format using your own handwriting. Yes, it provides you easy option to create your own fonts in your own handwriting and then you can use that font in composting notes etc.

Start by installing InstaFontMaker app in your Android device, now for creating a new font, select make font option from its main screen. It requires you to write alphabets (using both lower and uppercase) and numbers on your screen.

InstaFontMaker Font Maker Free 1

When you’re done, the app works in processing your writing style and enables to save it as TrueType TTF font.

The are various other options that allows you to set thickness and spacing of your font.

InstaFontMaker Font Maker Free 3

After creating fonts, visit write section and type in a message. It will be showing you your message in the font you have created. Now again you can use various customization options like a custom background (you can also use camera images as background), text color and size while composing your message.

InstaFontMaker Font Maker Free 4

After writing your message, tap finish. It saves your message image in gallery and provides you option to share it on social media sites via email, bluetooth etc.

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