Easiest Way To Add Custom Default Avatars In WordPress-BuddyPress Sites

I already discussed about WordPress hacks for adding custom default avatar in WordPress-BuddyPress Sites. Now I am telling a quick and easy option of using plugin. Kailey Lampert‘s free WordPress plugin simply allows you to change default WordPress avatar i.e. Mystery Man to something else, may be your site’s logo etc.

Add New Default Avatar

WordPress Add New Default Avatar

  1. Install and activate it
  2. Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussions
  3. Scroll down to Add New Default Avatar section
  4. Add custom avatar image URL and click save changes
  5. You will be finding your custom avatar in Default Avatar section. Select it, save changes. That’s all.

It works both in WordPress and BuddyPress installations. But in BuddyPress you might like changing default group avatar, try this one:

BuddyPress Group Default Avatar

BuddyPress Group Default Avatar Options

This plugin adds a default avatar to your BuddyPress groups. You can easily configure the avatar image URL from the plugin’s option page: Dashboard -> BuddyPress -> BP Group Avatar.

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