How To Use Android As Security Camera Device?

A simple Android device with built-in camera can be used as a wireless security camera device that can be used for monitoring your room or office when you are away.

Earlier we have discussed about turning any Android Phone to a wireless webcam. Now let us see how Android phones can be used as wireless security cameras.

May be if you have an old Android phone or tablet with you don’t use anymore can be placed as a security camera in always on mode.

To start, you will be needing at least two Android devices

Where the first device is used as a security camera and the other for accessing its view and see live actions happening there.

Step-1 Start by installing AtHome Video Streamer on first device which you are using as a security camera.

Step-2 Launch the app on first device, first it shows some introduction, skip everything until you see a ‘Start Now‘ button.

Step-3 Click ‘Start Now‘ button and you will be seeing a live camera view screen.

Android as security camera 1

Step-4 Tap the menu visible in the top left corner and select ‘Change Password‘ option to use a custom username & password.

Step-5 Copy the CID code (write it down somewhere) from the top right corner of your device (the yellow background code) and then place it on the location you like monitoring.

That’s it for the first device.

Now install AtHome Camera app on other device, launch it and follow the given steps:

Android as security camera 2

Step-1 From top-left corner click ‘Add’ button to enter the username, password and the CID code you have copied from first Android device.

Android as security camera 3

Step-2 Click ‘Done‘ button and in a few second you will be seeing your security camera device listed, click it to see live view of your wireless camera (the first Android device)

You can place multiple Android devices on different locations and access all cameras from your main device. All you have to do is add each device’s CID code, username & password on your main device.

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