Geek List: Easily Share Your Creation And Get In-touch With Great Companies & Communities is a online service specially for developers, they can share what have created, what work they have done and get in touch with large companies and organisations. Using this web service you can easily discover, connect and share great works world wide. Here you can share your resources and links with others, get High Fived (or ^5 in Geeklist terms), earn GeekCred™, build your own connections and join in Geek communities in a completely integrated social manner.

Geek List

You can join Geek List by visiting its home page: then signing up your account using a social service like Facebook, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn or simply by your email.

Geek List & Companies

Geek List Widgets For WordPress

If you are a WordPress user you can use its free widget like GeekList Widget Account for displaying your Account on your WordPress page or you can use Geeklist Widget, another simple sidebar widget that lists your latest Geeklist activities like links, cards, contributions etc, choose one per widget and add as many widgets you want.

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