How To Embed Any Facebook Post In Your Website ?

Now you can embed any Facebook profile or page post in your website etc in just a few clicks. Embedding Facebook content to explain anything is better than using old screenshot technique. Facebook ha snow opened the timeline post embedding feature so now you can make use of it in your website.

For embedding any Facebook post or status in your website, you will be needing to obtain its embed code.

How To Obtain Facebook Post Embed Code ?

Its easy, follow the given steps:

  1. Visit the Facebook Profile or Page Timeline and scroll to the post you like to embed.
  2. Make sure the post is public, the post is public if you see a globe icon as only public posts can be embedded.
  3. Hover on top right corner of the post, an icon will appear. Now click that small icon, navigate to ‘Embed Post’ link and click it:Facebook Post Embed
  4. Copy the embed code from the popup box: Facebook Post Embed 2
  5. Now paste it in your website, blog post etc

The embedded Facebook post in your website etc shows media (if attached to it), number of likes, shares, comments your website visitors will be seeing same rich information that there on original Facebook timeline, also they can follow or like content authors and pages right from the embed.

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