Easily Setup Unfriend Notifications On Facebook

Earlier we have discussed about a web service that tells you about the people who removed you on Facebook. The service was good but in order to view unfriended persons, it asks you to access its website and then login with your Facebook account, it also sends email notifications but in this lesson you will learn about making things more easy and quick than before. 

Unfriend Notify for Facebook is a Google Chrome app that allows you to view unfriend persons right on your Facebook profile page. Using this app you can easily know about someone who unfriended you on Facebook.

It provides you beautiful Facebook integration with one click notifications, stores all data locally on your computer and works same as advertised.

Start by adding ‘Unfriend Notify for Facebook’ on your Google Chrome browser

Once the extension is installed, login to your Facebook account and visit friends section. Now you will be seeing a new menu item ‘Lost Friends’ click it to know about the friends you have lost on Facebook.

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