How To Use Your Own Facebook Notification Sounds?

Facebook Notifications simply informs you when any new action is takes by the people related to you. For example: Facebook place a sound whenever a new chat message arrives. Other notification works the same way like a notification sound for photo your are tagged in or any new posting on your timeline.

In this post we will show you choosing your own custom Facebook sounds for chat and other notifications so if you’re bored from default notification sounds or if you don’t want others to know that you are sitting on Facebook, and doing nothing important then this post is for you.

Facebook Sounds is a Google Chrome extension which simply enables you to select your own and original sound for your Facebook chat and other notifications. Using this app you can select from original and funny sounds and get sound notification whenever anything new (related to you) happens on Facebook like new friend requests, new private or chat messages, and other notification.

How To Use Custom Facebook Sounds App?

Install Facebook Sounds on your Chrome browser by adding it from Google Web Store. Now get on Facebook then click on the right settings wheel present on the right side of top Facebook bar.

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You will be noticing a new menu item i.e. Facebook Sounds, just click it. From top left, click on “edit sound” link, and select your sound by clicking an icon as shown in the given screenshots.

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