How To Display Links As Content Cards In WordPress?

Just like Facebook, Google+ and other social websites you can now embed any link with content card i.e. display link title, image and description by making use of open graph data.

Content Cards is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make ordinary links look beautiful by fetching and embedding link details as content card inside your content.

Link embedding is similar to how you embed links on other websites, such as Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Start by installing ‘Content Cards’ plugin in your WordPress site

Upon activation, you can:

  1. Automatically convert links to content cards on some specific websites. And/Or
  2. Manually insert ‘Content Card’ on individually on URLs

Automate Content Cards On Specific Websites

Visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Content Cards and include the websites you want to automatically display with content cards on your WordPress website.

Other settings allows you to select snippet skin, set link target to blank i.e. open on a new tab, update interval and place holder image which is used when targeted web-page doesn’t include any featured thumbnail.

The websites included in the list will automatically convert their URLs to embedded content cards.

Manually Inserting Link With Content Cards

The plugin also allows you to manually insert links with embedded content cards. Simply visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New or open any old post to edit.

Now you may either use this shortcode by replacing the URL:[contentcards url=””] OR Use TinyMCE button (CC button) added by the plugin (in your visual editor) to generate and insert content card inside your post content.

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