How To Display Expanding Text Widgets In WordPress?

Expanding Widgets is an easy way to add multiple text (HTML & Shortcode supported) widgets in your WordPress sidebar. You can easily create multiple text widgets and display one or more at a time when their title is clicked.

Expanding Widgets is the new WordPress plugin that provides you a simple text widget expanding system.

Simply install and activate it. Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Widgets page and drag-drop ‘Expanding Widget System’ widget to a widget area.

Expanding text widgets

You will be noticing that widget has various text area sections with title field and enable tick boxes.

Simply type in or paste the text, HTML & shortcodes (whatever you like showing) in text area. Tick the enable checkbox, add title to text blocks you have added then finally save the widget.

The widget shows the title of text blocks in your and whenever any title gets clicked, it expands itself and shows the text hidden inside it.

Expanding text widgets 2

By default one text block opens at a time but you can use ‘Allow Multiple Widgets Open’ checkbox option to allow multiple widgets to be displayed at a time.

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