How To Disable Auto Tag Suggestions In WordPress?

By default WordPress automatically shows you tag suggestions when you start typing tags for your blog posts but sometimes this is very irritating, specially if you have a large number of tags in your WordPress site. This tutorial explains you an easy way to turn off automatic tag suggestions on tags metabox visible on edit post screens.

How To Disable Auto Tag Suggestions In WordPress?

How To Do this? Simply add the following code in your theme’s function.php file.

add_action( 'init', 'disable_auto_tag_suggestion' );
function disable_auto_tag_suggestion() {
    wp_deregister_script( 'suggest' );

4 thoughts on “How To Disable Auto Tag Suggestions In WordPress?”

  1. Hello. I agree with you. I find the auto tag suggestions very annoying. Sadly, I just installed in my WordPress 4.7 blog and it is not working. Tags are still be suggested with the spinning progress wheel. Do you plan to update your plugin at any time? I haven’t tried your code suggestion yet in my theme’s function.php file, but I am assuming that won’t work either.

    1. Yes, the author has not updated the plugin so it is not compatible with newer versions of WordPress but the given code snippet really works. You must try it on your WordPress installation.

      1. Sangkrit, I am using WP 4.7.3 with the TwentyTen theme

        Even if I add that function code to the very bottom of TwentyTen’s functions.php file at about line 612, it is still not working properly.

        What is happening is the following:

        While adding that function DOES stop WP from making tag suggestions, what it is ALSO doing is preventing me from adding my OWN proprietary tags to my post.

        In other words, if I add some comma-separated tags to the tags field, and then click on the “Add” button, nothing is happening. My tags are NOT being added to my post.

        Once I remove that function from TwentyTen’s functions.php file, and shut down and restart my web server, THEN I can add my own proprietary tags to the post again.

        However, because I removed the suggested function from the functions.php file, of course, WP is once again making tag suggestions.

        So it seems I am stuck with tag suggestions until the developer updates his plugin. :(

        1. We have checked the plugin, it works with some themes but yes it is not yet compatible with newer versions of WordPress. We are trying to find out an alternative plugin for that and have also notified the plugin author to update his plugin.

          As soon we get more information, you will be updated here. Thank you.

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