How To Get Updated With Latest BuddyPress Hacks, Themes, Plugins And More Goodies ?

BPMail.Me is BuddyPress newsletter site that provides you with all latest BuddyPress community news, articles, hacks, plugins, themes and more. This is best thing for all BuddyPress bloggers who used to post article on new BuddyPress features and events. All you need to do is visit BPMail.Me and subscribe to latest BuddyPress news and goodies.

All BuddyPress news delivered to your inbox are:

  1. Mobile Friendly: Emails are mobile friendly and tested before sending to you.
  2. Latest Goodies: BuddyPress is developing really fast, newsletter delivered to your contains latest articles, plugins, hacks and themes.
  3. Printable Newsletters: You can easily print each and every newsletter and read it letter offline anywhere at anytime easily.

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