How To Allow User Registrations From WordPressMU Sub-sites ?

Allow your WordPress Multisite Network’s sub-sites to be able to register new users as the main site does. 

Multisite User Registration Manager

It provides a system for registration requests and their processing in WordPress multisite. Install and activate it. Mover to your site network admin dashboard >Settings > MURM and change the basic settings as per you need:

Auto-approve requests on Network admin level – If you check this box then user registration on your network’s subsite and its approval would be the headache of subsite admin. AND if you left it unchecked then your approval for each user registration request will be come mandatory after the approval of subsite admin.

Allow blog owners to delete requests – If checked, blog owners can delete a request without the request author being notified.

Extended debug mode – After checking create a WLS log category named murm-extended. All extra information will be logged here.

Allow fallback logging to a file if WLS logging is not possible – Log file will be created within plugin directory (you need appropriate file permissions for that).

Also you can enable, disable and edit Email templates used while registration for sending site registration information.

It gives many options but if you are in a hurry just leave everything to default.

Opening User Registration On Subsite

You subsite owners can open subsite user registration from their Dashboard > Settings >MURM settings and check the option Activate on this blog.  It gives following more options:

  • Auto-approve requests
  • Show information nag if there are requests waiting for your moderation
  • Send me an e-mail on incoming registration request
  • Akismet API key for antispam functionality

Your plugin is now ready to use, you can add user registration anywhere on your site or you may create a new page for registration. All you have to do is paste this short code wherever you want to show user registration form – [murm-form]

Now if anyone registers on subsite using this form then subsite owner will be getting user registration requests on their site’s Dashboard > Users > Registration Requests. After they approve the request, users will be receiving their password and registration approved notification on their emails.

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